Monday, July 25, 2005

What's Wang This Week

I never fully believed that my own calves were that big. I mean, who really looks at people's calves? Even if I were the kind of person that did, I wouldn't really look at my own calves, since they're behind me. After a/b-ing them with Graham's, and Graham is someone who as he himself points out "has been playing leg-intensive sports all [his] life", I am now convinced. Apparently I have formidable forearms, too. Now all I have to work on is everything in between.

In another attempt to shake myself from my rut, wherein I listen to Spoon and only Spoon for a whole month, I picked up a couple of Beck albums last week to go with Modest Mouse's "The Moon and Antarctica", which I got a few weeks ago. It's not really working though, as I still want to listen to Spoon. I fear I have overdone it, too, as with the other CDs Graham got me (bitch, you my number one nigga) I don't feel like I've given enough time to any one of them. What is wrong with me, why can't I take in other things? I think this is a sign I'm getting old.

Speaking of getting old, last night I realized, after Eric and I had our usual Marshall vs. Fender debate, that I don't even remember what kind of amps Graham Coxon uses. I used to know everything about his rig: his distortion pedal (Rat II), his main guitar ('52 reissue Fender Telecaster), his secondary guitar (Gibson Les Paul Custom), his tertiary guitar (Gibson ES-335), and those two awesome Marshall half-stacks which I cannot remember the names of. Hell, I even used to know what kind of picks he used. A part of my youth is truly dead; namely, the part that knew how to play guitar. I practiced for about an hour today, and my fingers are just torn to shreds. But it's a good hurt.

Last week some of us went to Aji Taro at UBC for lunch. The place was hilarious. They were "too new" to have lunchboxes, and they'd been around for like 3 weeks. Apparently they're also too new to have soap and paper towels in the men's room, or a flusher knob for the toilet. Regan asked if they were too new to have all-you-can-eat; since they were too new to have napkins, my guess would be yes.

I also mostly failed in using the math on the weekend and came out $3.75 down over two games of poker. With that $3.75, I could have bought three little battery-powered hand fans and still had some change left for some gumballs and a decoder ring out of one of those little machines they put next to the racks where you get that free TV listing magazine. I suppose it makes up for my ridiculous steal of a $20-to-$15 split of the pot when the chip leader had approximately 11 times more money than I did.

This is getting a little negative on my part and it hurts to type so I will cut my losses and fan myself with my small battery-powered hand fan (Jowen, bitch, you, also, are my number one nigga).

Current Music: Beck - Sea Change


Anonymous Midwest Girl said...

I never fully believed that my own calves were that big.

So is it true what they say about people with big calves?

Dickolas Wang said...

Yes: avoid, at all costs, getting donkey-kicked by one.

Anonymous said...

Dude, I've got calve envy so bad, you don't want to know.


G said...

Big calves are nothing unless they're sculpted and defined. Now take a pic of your calves flexed.

Elohimus Maximus said...

well in that case I am glad to have you on our side!!! keep up the good fight and let us know if you want to join!;unique?login=jesusmax

Anonymous said...

Dickolas Wang said...

He actually calls him that?!