Tuesday, July 19, 2005


At age 23, George Harrison was married, had begun learning to play the sitar, and had toured the world with the Beatles.

Pavel Bure had racked up two consecutive 60-goal seasons and came within one goal of winning the Stanley Cup.

Kevin Garnett was making $10,000,000/yr by his 23rd birthday.

Before age 23, Évariste Galois had essentially invented group theory and shown that polynomials of degree 5 and higher were not solvable using finitely many rational operations and root extractions. He was then killed in a duel. What a fucking badass.


I think I'll probably try buying some cheese from the Cheeseboard sometime this year.

Current Music: Jack Johnson - Sitting, Waiting, Wishing


Jowen said...

Don't play down your accomplishments. At the young age of 22, you became the Internet's Foremost Dickolas Wang.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday. I'm sorry I'll have to miss it, but I'll be busy reading about tumor necrosis factor alpha (probably my most favorite tumor necrosis factor). Have an extra steak, and an extra stripper, for me.


G said...

I second jowen's comment.

Look at me and what i've achieved in my years. It's nothing compared to your 23. :p

Anonymous said...

I guess this still gives me 3 years to become the Internet's Foremost Dickolas Wang... but I don't think I can do it.

M Rexin said...

Happy belated birthday

Rachel said...

Sid Vicious was DEAD before he turned 23.

Dickolas Wang said...

Yeah, but at least he had a crazy-ass girlfriend to kill him.

I'm probably a better bass player than him though.