Monday, July 04, 2005

What's Wang This Week

With the summer school over, I have now settled back in at home and am ready to get down to business. Or at least I would be, had I not foolishly decided to reformat my computer last night. Who knew it'd take so long to get everything set up again? Who designs these things, anyway?

My sister came home on Saturday after spending Canada Day in Toronto where it was not raining, and so there is crap everywhere. There is an open suitcase right behind me, a drying rack to its right, and six jars of chestnuts lined up behind my CD collection (don't ask). Couple that with the stack of 14 DVDs -- and 6 coasters, dammitall -- I burned over the last two days and my workspace is a shambles. It's a good thing I don't have an officemate here. It's especially good because this way all of the weird old man noises that come out of my belly don't get mistakenly construed as flatulence. My sister did bring me an extra can of Orange Fanta, though, which is pretty sweet.

I feel powerful: What's Chung This Week.

We went to Montana's for dinner on Saturday night and the server was speaking remarkably loud. I don't know why. My dad commented that he sounded like a bonafide Texan, which is bizarre because he was clearly half-Asian. However, this did lead to a very witty exchange, of which I am quite proud:

Him: "Look at that plate! I don't see anything left on those ribs! Now that's what I like to see!"

Actually, I don't think that quite captures the loudness.

Him: "LOOK at that plate! I don't see ANYTHING left on those ribs! Now THAT's what I like to see!"
me: "..."
"... well, that's how I roll."

Quite the zinger, I'm sure you agree. Speaking of zingers, here's one I wish I came up with myself. Can't you just imagine that happening to you? What do you say to that guy?

"That's how I roll."


Edward said...

I don't understand this "I feel powerful" stuff

Edward said...

20 mins later after eating my monday egg breakfast wrap. I finally get this "I feel powerful" stuff.

Eggs are good