Friday, July 15, 2005

Now hear this

Who's free on Tuesday? I want to get together with my friends, and I want to eat food, and I'm hoping for some kind of glorious convergence of the two.

Get in touch with me and let me know if you prefer Japanese food or steak. The majority will have it... and I get 17 votes. But which way am I voting? I don't know yet; I'm told my capriciousness is why people love me. Also, let me know if you can drive, and I am open to suggestions for stuff to do afterwards. Mind you, it is a weekday and therefore I guess we should probably be, like, working and shit the next day. But suggestions!

Final details are TBA. But be assured, it will be on Tuesday, the 19th. (What a concept!)

Current Music: Marc Ribot - Aqui Como Alla


Graham said...


G said...

Japanese. Not sure if i'm available, but I'll put in my vote anyways.

Jowen said...

Let's play pitch and putt golf afterwards.

Dickolas Wang said...

At 8:30PM?