Sunday, July 10, 2005

Sweet, sweet Jimothy

Yesterday was a sort of sad day (for me, anyway, perhaps not so much for Jim) as it was what is very likely the last time we shall ever see our man Jim Dinning at home in PoCo.

Jim moved to PoCo only a year before I first met him, but with his rapier wit and encyclopedic sports knowledge, the area took to him quickly. However, none of him and his family could say the feeling was mutual, and so 10 years after settling into a comfy Citadel Heights home, every last one of them is jumping ship/has already jumped ship and admitting/admitted they should never have left Newmarket.

Jim provided a valuable check to our balances; as the only bonafide easterner among us, he was the Hannity to our Colmes; the Carlson to our whoever the fuck else was on Crossfire; the Colbert to our Colbert. Only he was smarter than all those fucks.

On a personal note, he was also real fun to go up against, especially when I beat him at stuff. Probably my proudest academic accomplishment to date (not really, but for the purposes of this post, let's just say yes) is being 140 smarter than him. My proudest athletic moment is still posting him up at the top of the key and spinning around him for an easy layup. Mind you, everyone says I travelled, and I missed, but still it was quite a burst of speed I had there. And what a Minesweeper Flags competitor!

I'd say I'll miss him, but I'll probably talk to him on Monday. What I will miss is having him around to give voice to all the things I want to say but am too polite to, and having someone around whom I respect to teach me about law and other shit like that.

Jim was a hell of a rival.
A hell of a friend.
A hell of a man.

Goodnight, sweet Jimbo. To quote a very wise man, I'll see you on the internet!

Right back atcha.

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Anonymous said...

Whatever, there were only two things to do at his place anyways...

Oh who am I kidding? I will miss you, sweet, sweet Jimbo. Save a spot for me on your couch, when I'm in Toronto we'll get drunk and screw the daughters of some diplomats. I call Papua New Guinean ambassador to Laos.


Anonymous said...

One more thing. Enjoy your monkey in the middle with markers and a Labatt Blue, freak.


Stevie K said...

Most diplomats are in Ottawa.

Dickolas Wang said...

But their daughters go to U of T.

M Rexin said...

He was from Newmarket? Save a trip to Upper Canada mall for me (Yes, that is the name and it actually does exist)