Friday, July 01, 2005

It's times like this I ask myself

Today was the last day of the summer school. As I played shuffleboard and foosball at Koerner's, all of the people I had met in the last month started to leave. Unfortunately for me, the people I knew had no dinner plans, and I didn't know the people who did have plans well enough to go with them. I was left alone for dinner, with only a TV dinner that I couldn't put in the oven for lack of an oven-safe dish.

So I did What Jowen Would Do and took my TV dinner to the SUB to microwave it. I stood there, without cutlery or napkins and only having a lunch tray of questionable cleanliness, in front of a public microwave. Then I ate my TV dinner in the basement of the deserted SUB with no one to keep me company.

I felt incredibly sorry for myself.

It really makes me wonder: will Doing What Jowen Would lead me to nothing but crippling sadness? Is this What Jowen Feels When Jowen Does What He Does?

Is this Jowen's cry for help?

Current Music: Guns N' Roses - Welcome to the Jungle


Jowen said...

If you only knew how sad I feel when doing what I do. B'Oh.

Anonymous said...

You forgot a very important thing. Jowen does what he does -with style-. That's why the ladies follow everywhere he goes, and he has certainly not eaten alone for 9, maybe 11 years.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Eric
fucken anonymous comments. sorry.