Tuesday, May 10, 2005

What's Wang This Week

As I settle in for a good long week of probability take-home exam work, I figured I'd leave the usual weekly roundup of what's Wang this week.

Since I learned how to play "Coax Me" I can't stop listening to Sloan. I just found out that "Twice Removed" was declared by Chart magazine to be the best Canadian album of all time again, and since I didn't bring that album to Berkeley I celebrated by listening to "Action Pact" and was greatly saddened. Now I'm listening to their new single "All Used Up"; the irony would be delicious if it weren't so sad.

Today's Garfield is the first I've seen to take advantage of the table that they're always inexplicably sitting behind. Maybe Jim Davis is reading my blog too.

Something else interesting must have happened to me because I sat down to write this, but I can't remember right now and I should get to work. Gruelling, unrewarding, thankless work. If you, dear readers, don't hear from me in 7 days, please tell my parents I love them.

Current Music: Sloan - All Used Up

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Adam said...

Can I also tell your parents I love them?