Sunday, May 22, 2005

Notes from the trip

  • I remember being excited about Goof Troop.

    -- AP

  • I can't read or write.

    -- AP

  • There is a Christian rock station called 105.5 The Fish around Redding, CA.
  • Tesla is playing the Douglas County fairgrounds August 12.
  • The phone smelled.

    -- RL

  • Nothing is more satisfying than passing someone on the inside.
  • The drive up I-5 feels a lot like a really long game of Rad Racer.
  • The only thing really worth ordering at the Sizzler is the salad bar.
  • Ask Adam about his ex-girlfriend Cheryl.
  • There is nothing going on in South Mt. Shasta City. However there is a 76 gas station in Central Mt. Shasta City.
  • There is both a South and a Central Weed.
  • Adam has an ass-range of 200 miles.
  • Nobody likes you.

    -- AP

Current Music: Brian Wilson - Smile

1 comment:

Jowen said...

There's a city in Oregon named Boring, and a sign that says "Welcome to Boring, Oregon".