Saturday, May 14, 2005

Current status

Exam status

  • 26 questions
  • 5 required
  • ~ 13 done

The Richard Stress Index has been lowered from Elevated to Guarded

Computer status

Hold together, baby, hold together

Blogosphere status

Guest-posted on

Food status

Out of vegetables, still have 8 cans of chicken broth

Minesweeper Flags status

Richard is hot: ~10-3 in last ~13 games

Social status

Holding at math dork

Current Music: The New Pornographers - Twin Cinema


Shelby said...

My minesweeper loss doesn't count. I was obviously drunk or mildly retarded.

Dickolas Wang said...

That was at least 20 games ago.

Anonymous said...

Do those 3 losses include the last 2 games I beat you?


Dickolas Wang said...

That was at least 14 games ago.

I hate you so much.

Anonymous said...

oh man Bang, fat & sassy that's quite the combo *e