Thursday, May 19, 2005

I have friends

The winner of the 2004/2005 inaugural Race To Berkeley is Adam Pauls.

Pauls hails from Abbotsford, BC and is perhaps best known for his genetic purity. He made an appearance on the cover of the Vancouver Sun in the summer of 2000 and holds a Bachelor's degree in combined honours computer science and physics.

Despite a good start, Pauls' victory did not come without adversity. Overcoming a flight delay longer than his flight and a laptop battery that died before he could watch all of "Collateral", starring Jamie Foxx and Tom Cruise, Pauls still cruised to a solid victory, winning the race by at least 2 months over his closest competitor.

To commemorate his victory, I gave him a glass of milk and forgot to buy breakfast foods for him to eat.

Congratulations to the winner, and to the rest of you, I hate you all so much.

Current Music: AC Newman - Miracle Drug

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