Friday, December 01, 2006

Two years of I,DW

Today my blog celebrates its second anniversary. I think the most appropriate way to commemorate it is to note that there is a better-than-60% chance that my relationship with my blog will be the longest relationship of my life. This is not a comment on my patheticness and/or loneliness, it's just possible.

As an aside, this also means that it's more likely that I will one day be fired because of this blog than because of a woman.


Cameron Funnell said...

Happy two years you guys!

Here's some lyrics from Shania to help celebrate this happy day:

~~we might have took the long way
~~we knew we'd get there some day
~~I'm glad we didn't listen
~~look at what we would be missing

Jowen said...


To celebrate, I will post a link to my favourite I, DW post: I, Dickolas Wang: The Dickolas Wang Haiku Contest 2005: Results

P.S. I got to that page by Googling cashews dickolas wang. It was the first result.

P.P.S. I'm still waiting for my 6 cashews.

GOC said...

I think you need more quotes with no context

Dickolas Wang said...

Well then people need to say funnier things!

Adam said...

Combolations, Dickofgirth!

Dickolas Wang said...

Okay it took me a minute to get that, but kudos. Spot on.

regan said...

haha happy birthday to you blog :) whenever i feel out of sorts, your blog makes me laugh.