Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I would do anything for smooth music

I've been watching a tonne of Yacht Rock lately; the cheerful misadventures of Michael McDonald and Kenny Loggins just crack me up so much. I've definitely been watching too much: as one commenter on YouTube said, you know you've watched too much when Donald Fagen becomes comprehensible. Watching these also got a lot of smooth music stuck in my head: for the first time in my life, I contemplated buying a Doobie Brothers album. Then I listened to some of their stuff, as well as Michael McDonald's solo stuff, on YouTube, and I decided against it.

However, I am fascinated by Steely Dan. I've had "Do It Again" stuck in my head for days now. I feel like this is the real smooth that I was looking for. Like butter. Butter.

But this is getting away from Yacht Rock, which rules. Here's my favourite episode.

And here's the Steely Dan vs. The Eagles episode, for good measure.

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