Monday, December 25, 2006

Good niiws and bad niiws

First the bad news: I didn't get a Nintendo Wii for Christmas.

The good news: I got the money to buy a Wii for Christmas. Now there's no debate about whether or not I should buy a Wii -- no, my parents told me to buy one, so I have to.

Bad news: Of course, they're completely unavailable, otherwise I'd already have one.

Good news: You can help me.

Since it's in everyone's best interest for me to get a Nintendo Wii sooner rather than later, I ask for your help in tracking one down for me. This site and this site seem to have all the hot Wii tips, and here's Future Shop and Best Buy too. If you see one available in the Lower Mainland, let me know via e-mail, IM, or phone. I'll be on it like a fat man on a donut.

Oh, and Merry Christmas.

Current Music: Jeff Tweedy - How To Fight Loneliness


vqv said...

I'll let you know if I see a Wii. Here's some more good news. Zelda is on sale for $39 this week at Target.

Jim said...

I believe the correct expression is "I'll be on it like white on rice."

Jowen said...

I read that there won't be another shipment for 2-3 weeks. Since you'll be in Berkeley by then, you should give me the money and I'll buy one for you.

G said...

On the FS and BB websites, it says the next shipment will be on the 29th.