Monday, December 04, 2006

What's Wang This Week

I have no more assignments due this semester. Actually I haven't had any to work on for two weeks now. It's a good feeling. Now all I have to do is my own reading/research and getting ready for the qualifying exams next semester.

Gourd shot! (A record of how much better Adam is than me at squash)

Also nice is that Adam's persistent back strain has caused him to miss the last two weeks' squash engagements, thus leading him to forfeit all 16 matches we otherwise would have played, and for the first time Richie pulls into the lead:

Adam 24, Richard 32

Also nice: I had a very musical weekend. I had an audition with a band I found on Craigslist looking for a bass player. The audition went well, I thought, and they seemed happy with how I played. I don't think I'll get in though, as they want to practice three times a week. Three! Who has time for three practices a week? Then UC Jazz had its fall concerts, so there's that done for the semester too.

Not so nice: I spent most of Friday evening playing Tetris. In my defence, I was bone tired and probably coming down with something. It was only during my fourth game that it hit me that this was kind of a sad way to spend a Friday evening. But then it also hit me that it's only sad if you're not really really good at Tetris. Fortunately for me, I am.

Even less nice: despite leading in the first few ballots, Jim Dinning was overtaken on the final ballot by Ed Stelmach in the race for leadership of the Alberta Progressive Conservative party. Dinning had served in the cabinet of former Premier Ralph Klein for over a decade, and had been the favourite to become Alberta's 13th Premier. In the end, though, he lost to Stelmach, who has never lost an election in Alberta. This is sad for me, not because I have much of a vested interest in Albertan provincial politics, but because it would have given me (and all of my Jim Dinning's friends) years -- years -- of material. It would have been great. I would have become so aware about what was happening in Edmonton, Calgary, and Medicine Hat. I would have known about the budget, and about social issues. It was going to be a new me: one who is politically aware... of a region in which I've never lived. And now those hopes are dashed. Alas.

It's a nice feeling, having spare time again. I forgot what it was like.

I'm bored already.

I need a Nintendo Wii.

What is it about Facebook that makes it so addictive? By and large me and my friends at UBC are just a little too old to have been swept up by it, but in Berkeley everyone and his brother is on it, and already has 130 friends. I resisted joining for a long time, but now that I'm in I just can't stop, and I really want to have every single person I know on my Facebook. This is partially because it's a nice way to keep in touch, but also because I only have 49 friends and that's way sub-par. I am aware that that's pretty terrible, but I've decided to just run with it.

On top of that, it's way too easy to spend all day reading about your friends, and then your friends' friends, and then looking at your friends' friends' pictures, particularly the hot ones. Moreover, it allows you to look up people you know only peripherally, and not in a good way. I am cognizant of the fact that this is more than a little creepy, but I've decided to just run with that too.

I suppose the reason it's so addictive, as are MySpace and whatever other social networking site you may use, is because the human animal is by nature an invasive and vain creature who wants to have personal information about his or her peers available at all times, while simultaneously hoping that someone is scoping his or her own. That's a nice thought. In any case, I am grateful that at least they don't blare music at you like fucking MySpace. Fucking MySpace.

Speaking of blaring music at you, I've decided to add Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On" to my repertoire of karaoke standards. This is difficult as I basically have no soul. (I mean, I have a soul, at least I hope I have a soul, but I don't have soul.) It is made even more difficult by the fact that none of the karaoke places I've ever been to have it.

Huh huh huh... you said (Words that are guaranteed to make me chuckle)

Soul. Go on, just stare at it for a few minutes. I think it probably helps if you slept fewer than 6 hours last night and don't drink coffee.

But getting back to "Let's Get It On", why is it that all karaoke places have "Sexual Healing", but not "Let's Get It On"? "Sexual Healing" is for pussies. "Let's Get It On" is such an obviously superior song to "Sexual Healing".

On that note, here's Jack Black, singing "Let's Get It On".

Current Music: Jack Black - Let's Get It On


Anonymous said...

A few points:

You can't claim wins if you didn't actually play. Or at least you'll have to state that the games were defaulted.

Jim Dinning signs were put up all around here. You should have asked me to get one for you.

Lets Get It On - A capella.

Dunning said...

I dont know why, but your What's Wang This Week is far more entertaining when you dont mention anything about food.