Saturday, September 30, 2006

The Great Tofurkey Binge of '06

It occurred to me a while ago that 2006 is quickly passing me by, and I still have not followed through on my promise to Binge Greatly on Tofurkey. In my defence, I wrote that almost two full years ago, and 2006 seemed like it was waaaaaaaay off in the distance. It was '04, I was young, dumb, kind, and in love, and two years seemed like an eternity.

Time flies, and now I'm in my mid-twenties (aside: HOLY SHIT), slightly less dumb, mean, and bitter, and I'm three months away from being a liar as well. I had thought it would be funny to do it this year for Canadian Thanksgiving, but now I have plans to actually cook a real turkey for that. That doesn't leave that much occasion to somehow consume a tofurkey, as my weekdays are busy and I'm lucky if I have the energy to heat up a TV dinner. It looked like I would merely have to chalk this one as one of the Great Ideas I Never Followed Up On, until I realized that I don't have any plans for American Thanksgiving yet.

So I invite everyone to join me in person or in your own home on the weekend of November 23, in the Great Tofurkey Binge of '06. Buy a Tofurky or carve your own out of firm tofu -- perhaps a little eggwash so that it browns up nice and evenly in the oven -- and then lay your teeth into that succulent, succulent complete protein. Perhaps you can make a soy event out of it: open the meal with edamame; finish with silken tofu pudding; wash the whole kaboodle down with soy milk. Then rest your painful, gout-stricken joints on a couch with friends, family, and otherwise loved ones.

The Great Tofurkey Binge of '06: It's soy good!1

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1. I stole that from Théa. Sue me.

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thea said...

instead of Tofudabeast, I think I'll carve up a Thanksgiving Spamtelope this weekend.