Sunday, July 02, 2006

What's Wang This Week: Well Happy Canada Day To Me edition

After much ribbing from Shankar because last year when he was here it was 40+ degrees Celsius the whole two weeks, I arrived at Cornell last Sunday. I am here for a two-week summer school, which is half over and so far has been alright aside from the awful humidity of the first three days. I didn't really sleep at all on the flight over here, and it's my first time in the Eastern time zone, and my sleep schedule already sucked, so for the first several days I had some serious issues with keeping awake in class. Things have improved for me since then -- I've even got up at 9:30 Eastern Time both days this weekend. That's, like, 6:30 My Time.

For Canada Day I toyed with the idea of tapping a maple tree on campus to celebrate. I figured I might get arrested though, and also it might damage the maple tree, which is not something one wants to do on Canada Day. Furthermore, I was not equipped at all (turns out you need a drill and shit; I was sort of just planning to plunge a long thin knife into a tree and maybe jam a drinking straw in there), and I found out that the tree I was considering tapping was in fact a sycamore tree, so really the whole idea was just a bust right from the get-go. Better news: pitchers of Labatt Blue are under $8 here. It really was a taste of home (sort of).

Next week I go to Toronto for a few days. I realized that it would be easier, cheaper, and not much slower to take a bus than to fly, but I couldn't cancel my flight without incurring $130 in penalties, and the remainder of the amount would only be good with US Airways for flights in the next year. So, I am keeping the flight but I will suffer the whole way through knowing that it was not What Jowen Would Do.

While in Toronto, I will be catching up with a few people, which will be fun. Also, I will be meeting Peter Lynn, of Man vs. Clown!. This promises to be very exciting, but I also am afraid that as I have no idea what he looks like (I keep picturing some kind of combination of Peter North, Bruce McCulloch, and Anthony Michael Hall), he could send someone else to meet me and I would be none the wiser. On the other hand, this would make a great MvC! post.

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Anonymous said...

Kathleen Pennykid
Kathleen Pennykid
Kathleen Pennykid

Let's see if you can really entrench this monopoly

Graham said...


Ariel said...

It was nice to meet you while you were in Toronto. I hope none of us scared you too much! Us T.O. homer-sexuals can interesting lot to straight folk...hahahaha!

(yes, Mak's friend!)

Dickolas Wang said...

Hey thanks for having me, I just felt bad for being a big fat straight albatross for your crew.