Sunday, July 16, 2006

Inside the Blogger's Studio, with Peter Lynn

As you may have read, last week when I was in Toronto, I met Peter Lynn of Man vs. Clown!. This was a big deal for me, as I've only ever met one person in real life that I first knew from the internet, and that guy was a family friend of Vikram's, which doesn't count. He's already described what we did, and I vouch for his version of the events.

If that was really him, that is -- I never did demand to see ID. I'll just assume it was the real deal though.

What he didn't mention was that at the time I had barely any voice left, as I had been felled by a virus that went around the dorms at Cornell on my last day. Of course, he didn't know what my voice sounded like to begin with, so now he just thinks I sound like Bea Arthur after 40 years of smoking. Also, he might not have realized, but I drank my raspberry wheat ale (very tasty) perhaps too quickly and was having a little trouble walking straight to the bathroom.

He had an awesome t-shirt that said "The Dude Has Got No Mercy", which I later found out was an Achewood t-shirt. I was wearing my Homsar shirt too so it was like we had an internet humour theme for the night, which is appropriate for a meeting with a now-professional internet humourist. (Also, both our first names were -- well, are -- slang for dongs, which I'm not sure counts as a theme for the night but is still amusing.)

I was also expecting him to be kind of scary: the kind of guy who would, say, beat up a crippled kid. However, he was most affable, which warmed my heart just a little bit.

My one big regret, which only occurred to me the next day, was that I never did actually buy him a beer -- he paid his own tab. On the other hand, I suppose that makes it less of a man date. Next time, Peter. Next time.


Steve Kwan said...

Isn't every male name slang for a dong?

Graham said...

I'm pretty sure mine's not.

Anonymous said...

Gray ham?

Uh, nevermind...e

Dickolas Wang said...

From now on my primary cock-n-balls euphemism shall be "Graham and crackers".