Wednesday, August 31, 2005

What's Wang This Week

Have you entered my haiku contest yet? Keep 'em coming, there's lots of good stuff already and they seem to be getting better and better. But you know what's missing? I would really like my good friend Li'l Devilangel to write a haiku. I would really like that. How about it, Amber?

It's been a busy week. I drove about 1000 miles. Then I found a piece of fish in my desk. I was reading today about how if a cat loves you, it will inevitably bring you a dead rat, regardless of whether or not you wanted a dead rat. It would have been one thing if the fish had been some sort of misguided welcome back gift, á la the dead rat, but sadly I don't think the piece of fish was a token of friendship at all (Brad says he remembers his dinner "mysteriously disappearing" one time), and I have no idea how I'm going to get the fish oils out of the wood. On the brighter side, I gave Brad three wedgies (the first two were lacklustre, but the third one actually elicited a choked "IRK" sound) and I intend to give him several more before the month is over. The fucker also owes me about $200 for phone and internet, so I'll put some extra zeal into those wedgies. If only I could harness my calf strength somehow.

I've been walking around way more than I did in the summer, and consequently my entire lower half is sore. If I keep this up and actually follow through with my idea to hike to my apartment a couple of times a week from campus (rather than bussing it), I might even lose a few pounds, which would potentially improve my abs even more than Graham, Vikram, and Jowen can improve theirs. This might help me as a judge in their Ab Improvement Contest, because when I think about it, if you were having a weight loss contest, you'd want Jared the Subway Guy to judge, not just some guy who was always skinny or some guy who was always fat. I mean, they don't just get random idiots to judge on American/Canadian Idol. No; they get Paula Abdul and that dude from Journey/Sass Jordan, who may or may not be idiots, but they're not random.

With the addition of Thomas' blog to my sidebar, my blogroll feels a whole lot more complete, with most of my tier I friends (or at least enough of them for a quorum) finally linked. However, with this addition, the links -- which I had previously complained were becoming unmanageable -- have become unmanageable. It may well be time for me to give up on all the lame jokes I have come up with for all of your links and give them names that are more reflective of you, or at least of your blogs.

Again, since this is a little too far removed from my theme of making fun of you, I may also resort to sorting them based on personal preference. The factors will include, as mentioned before, how much I like you and how readable your blog is, but also how active it is. Thus a blog such as Jim's will not fare well in the rankings, despite the fact that I like him and his blog was excellent.

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EDIT (2:47AM, Sept. 1/05): Her Majesty The Decemberists

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