Tuesday, August 09, 2005

What's Wang This Week

In the past four days, I have:

  • Lost $5 at poker, engineering my own downfall by inviting the players who ultimately cleaned me out
  • Ordered a milkshake, not knowing that it cost $5 and was about 750ml
  • Saw Ed. Oh, Ed
  • Taken in the fireworks
  • Waited approximately an hour and a half at Stephos for food. Next time I go, I'm making sure there's at least one girl in the group, I think that'll keep the service in line
  • Embraced aspartame, sorbitol, and sucralose
  • Disavowed aspartame, sorbitol, and sucralose the next day
  • Decided that I might have to redo a piano track. Fuck, I can't play piano
  • Watched excitedly as "ISO 9002 Certified" rocketed to a 4.7 star rating, only to plummet to 3.6 today
  • Had an idea that just might change the shape of the blogosphere (well, our blogosphere (well, my blogosphere))... or it might fizzle out and die very very quickly

but after a week in which I played my 500th game of Minesweeper Flags, bought a Cats T-shirt and ate 30 prawns in one sitting, none of it really seems all that bloggable, except for the last thing, and I don't want to ruin the surprise.

Speaking of Stephos, I've noticed that all the people who really like Stephos are girls. Meanwhile, the two times the LUGs have been there, someone doesn't get their food or they/we wait a ridiculously long time for their food. I really think having a girl in the party might make them more attentive. But that doesn't make sense either, because all the waiters are male and it's on Davie street. Maybe it's just because we're all Chinamen.

Oh, and my parents have got some contractors in to rebuild the back patio so that it's now safe to stand on. They're using Dick's Lumber lumber (or would it just be Dick's lumber? Or Dick's Lumber?).

Current Music: Feist - One Evening


Jowen said...

These LUGs, such cool guys.

dinning said...

Is Ed so disconcerting that he makes proper verb conjugation a difficult task?

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