Sunday, June 05, 2005

What's Wang This Week: Update

Last night I got to sing "Rocky and Bullwinkle" with the BC Quartet in a public setting. (In my heart and mind, it will always be the Eric Severinson Xplosion! though.) I got lots of compliments and a "We love you Rich".

I felt like a king.

In other news, I moved into Gage today. It's a lot different when you're here in the summer. They provide us with EVERYTHING: soap, shampoo, pots, pans, plates, a toaster, a rice cooker, a TV... too bad the Resnet's not free. I'm contemplating paying for it anyway but for now I'm leeching off the wireless, which is amazingly usable all the way up on the 14th floor, but still dies if I look at it the wrong way. Um, that's it. There's no punch line or anything. I guess that wasn't very funny.

But it was topical, and that's what WWTW (and by extension WWTW:U) is all about. My life is not just all fun and games. It's not just some big slice of happy-fun-cake. Sometimes I gots to get down to teh business, like, say, Rambo, or Wilford Brimley on that episode of Seinfeld.

Current Music: Spoon - Gimme Fiction


Jowen said...

I bet they don't give you a toaster oven.

Dickolas Wang said...

They make our beds! They make our beds!