Sunday, June 12, 2005

Pet Peeve (or, What's Wrong With Wang) #3

For weeks now I've been craving New York Fries. Last week I attempted to get some before seeing HHGG at Station Square; due to a combination of traffic and my own ineptitude I was thwarted. Today I tried to get some before seeing RotS for the second time; this time, due to a combination of homework and traffic, I was foiled again. Since I was unable to make it to the food fair in time before the movie, I decided to buy some at a ridiculous price in the Silvercity just because I wanted them that much. As it turns out, Metropolis is probably the ONLY Silvercity without a NYF. Then, the movie ends at 6:00, exactly when the food fair closes.


This got me to thinking about what my buddy David (S., from Berkeley) terms the Burger King phenomenon: whenever you want Burger King, they're nowhere to be found; but when you're not hungry they turn up at every highway exit. Come to think of it, every time I have had Burger King, it's because I made a specific trip to get it, never because it was convenient.

I'm also remembering another time once when I was in Berkeley that I had a huge craving for McDonalds, but it was Sunday night and they closed at 10:00. This same thing seems to happen to me a lot with A&W, McDonalds, and Little Caesar. While these, like the NYF fiasco, are not instances of the Burger King phenomenon (hereafter referred to as BKp), they and the BKp highlight a seemingly-recurrent theme in my recent years, which is Pet Peeve #3: my inability to acquire fast food.

Speaking of NYF, Jimothy discovered that the four countries that NYF exists in are:

  1. Canada
  2. Korea
  3. Australia
  4. the United Arab Emirates

What the fuck? Why is making it easier for people in Korea, Australia, and the United Arab Emirates to get unauthentic poutine more important than building a free-standing New York Fries restaurant that is NOT in a mall or food court of some type? I mean, it's cool that they're spreading their particular brand of love to the UAE, but don't you think it's a little weird that there are no New York Fries locations outside of malls?

Fuck, I could use some New York Fries.

Current Music: Spoon - The Two Sides of Monsieur Valentine


Graham said...

I want to land the part of Eddie in The Stranger Dance.

Dickolas Wang said...

He makes love to the duke, he swordfights the queen.

Anonymous said...

UBC Housing buys its lightbulbs from the UAE. Those fucking cheap bastards.

G said...

Wait a minute. There are no "New York Fries" in New York? WTF is up with that?

Jowen said...

I once found a 60W lightbulb lying around in class, so I took it and switched it with the 40W bulb that was in my room. That was the #4 Happiest Moment of My Life.

joyce said...

aww~ there will be a next time for NYF! hehehehe~ tehre is one at oakrdige centre... take the 41st street down... i think the cross street is cambie~

GOC said...

All this talk about NYF. I want some belgian fries from the pit.... garlic mayo... ...mmmm... warm goodness

Dave Harty said...

I live in New York City. I've never heard of New York Fries. Is that like the Eighties Diner in Back to the Future, where they attempt to get subtle details right? Due to our over abundance of Mcdonalds locations, authentic New York Fries should be typical fastfood fodder. I went to the website, their buttons don't seem to work. Also their "New York" noise sounds like they put a microphone out in the street, recorded all day, and then edited all the loudest stuff together. Want something New York? Go get some Jamaican food. Or better yet, Thai. I'd go for Thai right now if it wasn't 5:00am here. The only thing open this late (or early) is the White Castle around the corner. Unlike the movie, they're quite easy to get to.

Dickolas Wang said...

Authenticity be damned; they're damn good fries, though, I tells ya. I guess there's no french fries in France either. Maybe I can open a "Vancouver Fries" in Berkeley and see if I can get people to pay high prices for potatoes. (The secret ingredient is love.)

The only White Castle burgers I've ever had were the ones they sell in the frozen food sections of Safeways. The cheeseburgers were just awful but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt, just on the strength of that movie.

Dave Harty said...

The fresh White Castle is worse. Its all mushy and squashed. I only get them if I'm in the mood for jalapenio cheeseburgers. Typically I'll stick to onion rings or chicken rings. I like how they do their ice, in little bity cubes, seems to work better. I also only eat there if I'm feeling lazy, or it's too late at night to go anywhere else.