Tuesday, June 14, 2005

T-minus 13 hr 7 min until delivering "1/2d Expansion of the Connective Constant"

It's go time, bitch.

Current Music: XTC - Are You Receiving Me?


dinning said...


6 words:
Michael Jackson
Gold, Jerry, gold

M Rexin said...

This post has now become official territory in my possession. First come, first served.

Dickolas Wang said...

Dearest Matt,

This is MY territory, and eat me.

-- Richard

Anonymous said...

Dear Richard,

Hurry up and finish your work so we can eat. I'm starving.

- Jowen

Anonymous said...

Dearest Richard,

I've been reading previous blogs wherein I caught mention of doubt in WWTW. I feel I must remind you that it's still solid gold in my mind.

Anonymous said...

oh yeah... I forgot to put my name. umm...

Dearest Rich,
(insert previous comment)

Dickolas Wang said...

Thanks, Eric. How about a hug? Eh? Hug?

C'mon, hug?

Dave Harty said...

What is this techno babble?

Current Music: Gorillaz - Dirty Harry