Sunday, April 08, 2007

And why is there a team in Phoenix

After watching the first period and the scores of the Leafs beating the Habs to eliminate the Habs last and remain in the playoff race, only to watch Ryan Smyth's Islanders eliminate them this afternoon, I could do nothing but marvel at the situation. Now, instead of having four Canadian teams in the playoffs, there are three, and one almost wants to say "Thanks a lot, Leafs".

But then one must also say the same to the 2006 Cup Finalist Edmonton Oilers, too, who managed to destroy not only their own playoff chances by trading Ryan Smyth to Long Island, but indirectly the Leafs' as well. So thanks a lot, Oilers, for immolating not one, not two, but three Canadian teams.

And in the end I guess the Penguins will not move to Winnipeg.

Go Canucks go.

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