Saturday, January 27, 2007

What's Wang This Week

Some of you have been asking if I've been blogging recently, and the answer is no. If you owned a Wii and The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, you wouldn't blog either.

I'm about 25 hours into Zelda and I'm still nowhere near done. I have been toying with the idea of just doing nothing but playing Zelda for a weekend, by the end of which I should be either done or pretty close to done. Then I could get on with my life, and spend my evenings with my newly arrived Arrested Development DVDs and with Steely Dan (the band, not the dildo).

After Vince ordered Wiimotes on Nintendo's website and they shipped well before they were supposed to, I jumped at the opportunity to end the Wii accessory hunt before it even got off the ground and did the same. I debated, because of how expensive the Wiimote+nunchuk combination is, whether or not I should get a full complement of 4 sets. In the end I decided though that since in the past I've benefitted greatly from my friends having four controllers for their GameCubes/X-Boxes/etc., this was my opportunity to give back and I should do so. I plunked down the order for 2 Wiimotes and 3 nunchuks (another Wiimote comes in February with my preordered copy of Wii Play), and despite the website saying that Wiimotes would be on backorder until Jan. 29, they arrived yesterday. I had some friends over and we put them through their paces; Super Monkey Ball really is better with three controllers.

Of course, since I forked over the cash for these controllers, I get permanent first-game privileges. Deal with it.

Besides that, work and school are busy as always. It's difficult, but I think I've managed to strike a balance between work/school and Zelda. Unfortunately, "sleep" and "nutrition" do not figure in this balance. I find myself eating a whole lot of food out of jars and plastic trays. At first I felt a little bad, but then I decided to just run with it, so when I had a big craving for crappy white-boy instant ramen the other day, I actually made a specific trip to Safeway for $2 worth of Mr. Noodles. (I justified it as my own little memorial for Momofuku Ando, inventor of the instant noodle.) Unfortunately, they didn't have any Mr. Noodles, so I had to settle for a brand called "Maruchan". (EDIT (1:35AM Jan. 28, 2007): Mr. Noodles is a Canadian brand. Who knew?) On the bright side, I got 8 packs for $1.25. Unfortunately, as it always is with instant ramen, one serving of ramen is enough to put you off ramen for an indefinite amount of time, so now I'm stuck with a bunch of ramen that I have no urge to ever eat. Fortunately, as it always is with ramen, I'll inevitably have another craving and eat them -- I'm predicting before spring break.

Gourd shot! (A record of how much better Adam is than me at squash)

The new semester has brought the return of the weekly Adam-Richard squash clash, and I have started the semester with victories in our first two matches. While this is nothing new, they are nonetheless notable because these are the first times that I have won matches against him without the benefit of him forfeiting. So, for the Spring 2007 semester, the record stands at:

Adam 3, Richard 5

Also, I've been jamming with some guys from the department. I was originally the lead singer (due to my unstoppable charisma) and bass player, but the rhythm guitar player saw an old Madness video and was inspired to play the bass, plus he convinced me that bass players shouldn't be lead singers (e.g. Sting, the dude from Winger). So, we swapped instruments. That's fine by me, because I've decided that I don't really like playing the bass that much. We call ourselves "Student's T and the Hypotheses". I'm Student's T.

Someone suggested that each member of the band choose one song that we should try to play. As the lead singer, I should probably pick something that makes me look good. Suggestions?

Current Music: Steely Dan - Babylon Sisters


bradluen said...


John Cage, 4'33".

Dickolas Wang said...

Ah, but then the audience has nothing to do but look at the band, and since I'm the lead singer, they'll be looking at me. The question then becomes: would you rather look at me or would you rather hear me sing?

I've been practicing, so I think the answer would be the latter.

regan said...

well i know what makes you SOUND good :) actually, you sound awesome all the time, whatever you sing.