Monday, January 15, 2007

What Was Wang This Month

Yeah, so I didn't write much the last four weeks. Sue me.

I was on holidays. Hooray for holidays! I spent much time with friends and family. I did some stuff. I hunted for a Wii. I bought a Wii. I lost at poker, and rather miserably, I might add. I drove to the airport all by myself for the first time. I also learned not to park at the airport for several hours if you can avoid it.

I experienced the strange weather in the Lower Mainland first-hand. I had heard about the damage at Stanley Park from the hurricane-force winds, but I wasn't expecting to see that many trees broken and blown down in my hometown Port Coquitlam. It was weird to look out at a field of trees and see 30% of them in pieces. I was sitting in the living room playing Zelda during a windstorm when I looked across the street and noticed that the tree in the yard was at a rather precarious 20 degree angle from upright. A few minutes later I looked back and noticed that it was at an even more precarious 30 degree angle from upright. This raised some concern, but then I just kept playing Zelda.

Wii = good. Wii hunting = bad. Incidentally, if any of my friends in Berkeley are reading this, if you see any Wiimotes and nunchuks on sale at normal price ($40 and $20 each), please buy one of each on the spot and I will pay you back. Think of it as helping me help you. I am looking for two Wiimotes and three nunchuks. (Incidentally, I just noticed that the URL for that post is "fucking-wii.html".)

My first day of Wii hunting was particularly frustrating, as not only did I fail to find one, I also failed to find a jar of Vegemite at Superstore which I fully expected to have Vegemite in the imported foods aisle, given that they have Tim Tams. I realized what a terrible shopper I am that day, as I failed first to find something that everybody wants, and then I failed to find something that nobody wants. Fortunately, thanks to Allan I now have a jar of Vegemite direct from Australia, and I can now say that I prefer it over the Marmite I bought at Save-On-Foods at home. My breakfast was 6 Vegemite (open-faced) sandwiches. That reminds me, I should go drink some water.

I also got sick, which cost me my voice for a few days. Actually it might have been fine but two Fridays ago instead of sleeping in and recovering all day I got up at 7:30AM to take my mom to work during the first snowfall of my holiday so I would have the car, with which I went to the mall to (futilely) hunt the elusive Wii, and then drove to the airport to see off my good friend and former roommate Brad to New Zealand (not this Brad), where he has a permanent job. This did my throat no favours, but at least I did finally get some respect from Derek for my Mario Kart skills when I managed to transfer them to an actual car and kept us from getting crashed into by an idiot driver who decided that turning into full-speed traffic at a non-intersection would be a good idea. (It was great, I slammed on the brakes, corrected the car's skidding on the slushy roads, pounded on the horn, and shook my fist at the driver all in one fluid motion. I did forget to look in the rearview as I slammed on the brakes though, which would have been bonus points. Kids, always scan the rearview every 5 seconds to keep an eye on traffic behind you.) However, my throat also cost me the opportunity to go spend the next day with Adam and a friend of his who was visiting Vancouver from Berkeley and is, reportedly, a girl.

I saw Body Worlds 3 at Science World with the LUGs and Rachel. Apparently it's a hot ticket. Who knew? I'm used to just showing up to Science World whenever I damn well feel like it. Anyway, it was interesting, morbid, disturbing, and raised some ethical questions, so I guess I got my money's worth.

When I got back to Berkeley I saw that my copy of Sloan's "Never Hear The End Of It" had come while I was away. I looked in the package and lo and behold, I got an autographed case! Turns out I was one of the first 100 people in the US to pre-order the album, so now I have all four Sloaners' autographs! Hooray for Yep-Roc! Hooray for Sloan! Hooray for autographs!

Okay I'm gonna go play Zelda now.

Current Music: The Decemberists - O Valencia!


Evil Spock said...

Ooh, I've had Zelda since launch. Beat it yesterday after 96 hours. Almost got everything but the stupid Poes.

Dickolas, I noticed you visited, you want to do that link exchange now?

Dickolas Wang said...

Sure, I've got yours on my sidebar now. Feel free to add mine.

Evil Spock said...

Done and done sir. I hope this makes you more famous.