Monday, January 29, 2007

The Fiscally Unsound Misadventures of Richard Liang

Yet another call from a debt collector for a Mr. Richard Liang, 65 years old, of Danville, California. Dammit man, get your shit together.

It couldn't have worked out better, because as you may have noticed, my plan for this week was a "Features Week" during which I will do one of all my old features -- WWTW, Random Quotes, Note to self, Things at home I don't miss at all/am glad to be rid of, Pet Peeves (or, What's Wrong With Wang), etc. -- and this gives me a perfect opportunity to revisit one.

Speaking of which, can anyone else think of features that I haven't done in a while that I could do now? (I've thought of Delayed Reaction, guest posts from Steve and Jowen, What [quiz result] are YOU?, and LUGsWang, which I plan to do by the end of the week.)

Current Music: Spoon - The Two Sides of Monsieur Valentine


Peter Lynn said...

I know! You should do a Things I Shouldn't Have Said. We haven't seen any of those in forever. Mostly because I hardly talk to anyone anymore, now that I hardly leav4e the house. (It's awesome!)

Dickolas Wang said...

That's perfect, because one of the primary features of my blog was stealing from your blog!

Evil Spock said...

Hrmmm, I haven't been around long enough, so I'm not familiar with your features.

Perhaps Ask an Asian? Being a twinkie here in the middle of Indiana, some Asian advice would be helpful . . .