Monday, June 19, 2006

Why not just burn the flags?

I didn't write this earlier because I didn't want to jinx the series (and look how well that turned out), but was it me or were the anthem singers in the Stanley Cup final kind of crappy? Every time I listened to "AND THE ROCKETS' RED GLAAAAAAAAARE" and cringed at their pitch (or lack thereof). The singer tonight in Carolina was especially shameful. Her "home and native land" was particularly bad.

Canucks fans should feel grateful for Mark Donnelly.

EDIT (12:28AM, June 20, 2006): Jay Onrait agrees with me on the singer. His game 7 blog is a pretty good description of the NBC broadcasts I've been watching, which I've been impressed with except for the four ads they keep repeating. His takes on the Heineken Light and "America's Got Talent" ads made me smile and nod. He doesn't mention the Sprint Fair and Flexible ad they keep running, though -- if I see that one more time I'm going to go kick a Sprint salesman in the shins.


chibijoyce said...

hey r u ever gonna come back to van?

Dickolas Wang said...

Yeah, someday.

Like July 12.

Graham said...

Bastille Day party at my house!

Dickolas Wang said...

Whatever. Beats ravaging wenches.