Thursday, June 08, 2006

1000th game

Over the last ten months, since my 500th game -- a memorable loss, unfortunately -- I've played another 500 games of Minesweeper Flags, 300+ of them against Rachel, who has definitely supplanted Jim and Adam as my bitterest rival. (Jim, in fact, stopped playing for so long that his record has been blanked on the MSN servers.) This recently put me at my 1000th game, and this could only go to said bitterest rival (although I did try to get a game in the week preceding with Jim that was aborted due to MSN games troubles and a Blue Jays game, and I played several with Adam. Thanks guys, you are formidable opponents).

The game itself proceeded as follows:

We started with some good HDM. It is tight though and neither of us gains a convincing upper hand.

After this first flurry, despite my being distracted by repeatedly hitting "Print Screen" and pasting to a Paint window, I manage to open up a decent lead. This is probably attributable equally as much to her mistakes as my solid play, as evidenced by this mistake:

Alas, she gets on a roll and the game evens:

However, while I am infuriated at this point and beginning to curse the MF gods who would make another of my milestone games a loss, I remember the errors that caused my 500th game downfall and maintain my cool, continuing with my methodical and responsible play, waiting for a mistake, biding my time. At least I can hold my head high and say, "It was no one's fault. I'm not an idiot," I think to myself.

Fortunately, it didn't come to that.

Cost you the game. Cost you the game.

A late desperate bomb was, alas, too little and much too late, and I swooped in for the kill. gg, Rachel.

My record over 1000 games: 745-255, for an 0.745 winning percentage exactly. A slip from my 0.75 winning percentage over the first 500 games, but most of these games were against stiff competition - not a lot of newbie fodder this 500 games, nosireebob. Hey, I'll still beat your ass.

Good times.

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G said...

I think my record is 2-50 or something thereabouts. I actually won one or two games!!! Aren't you proud of me?