Wednesday, June 21, 2006

A call to arms

Right at the moment MSN appears to be down for a lot of my friends (judging from my sample of two). This is when we used to use ICQ as our fallback, but no one wants to do that anymore (I certainly don't). So I implore all of you, please, just give Google Talk a try. If you have a gmail account, just log in using Firefox or [shudder] IE and there's a web client right there. If you don't, send me an e-mail (either my real gmail or the one in the profile) and I'll send you an invite.

It's time we had a real fallback for when MSN is sucking. I'm not saying that GT will be more reliable than MSN if/when it takes off. I'm just saying that it makes a nice fallback for when you don't feel like opening ICQ (which is always). Google Talk might still be in development, but it has a number of nice features already:

  • Chats are stored server-side in your gmail account, so that you can access your chat history anywhere you can get on the web;

  • The voice chat is immaculate, rivalling Skype in voice quality;

  • The web client is very functional and even works on my Mac.

For the techies, it's built on open protocols and they encourage the use of third-party clients, and are even working to add voice chatting code to Gaim (and by extension the rest of the GPL'd open source community).

If you do have it and you are my friend, add me to your list -- my real gmail account, not the one in the profile. If you wish to become my friend send an e-mail to the one in the profile.

Pretty please?


Stevie K said...

Why would I want to use a chat program that nobody else uses? Remember Metcalf's Law: the value of a network is proportional to the square of its number of users. If nobody uses a networking tool, it's useless.

I'd rather not have another chat program. I'd rather have one chat program that works, and works reliably. MSN is junk. But that being said, it's junk with a huge number of users. I don't want to join Google Talk if I only know one person on there (and he already uses MSN). Sorry Dickie :(

Dickolas Wang said...

The point was to try and get people to use it, idiot.

Obviously having one chat program that works would be great, but we do what we can with what we have, and what we have requires a fallback. If you don't want to install it, just log into Gmail and Bob's your uncle.

chibijoyce said...

score! does that mean i'm ur number ONE friend? hehe~

Cameron said...

Bob is my uncle. Uncle Bob.

G said...

The good thing about GT is that I can use it at work through Gmail. MSN is not allowed, and even surfing to the webmessenger site is banned.

What I want is a client that also allows an easy way to transfer files between friends AND allows resuming of files if the connection is cut off.

BKF said...

I'm confused, computer man; RHL is on my list, but not on my list. If I click on "Add," should I ignore the false hypothesis in the second sentence and proceed anyway?

I support voice; it's easier to ask (beg) for wheat that way. Not that, umm, my glorious people would ever be short of wheat. We just needed to make some steel for a few years.

Dickolas Wang said...

Yes, I believe so. By default GT displays your frequent e-mail contacts on your list or something, but then if they haven't already been added to your "Quick Contacts" then you can't speak to them.