Saturday, May 20, 2006

An oversight

I went to the department commencement ceremony today. Unlike at UBC where everybody's commencement happens in the one gorgeous building on campus, our department just books a medium-sized lecture hall. The commencement speech here appears to be very different in flavour from those at UBC, too -- today's commencement speaker was a statistician who basically talked about his research as examples of the kinds of things the new graduates will be pioneering, working on, etc.

One of the things he showed was a satellite image of a neighbourhood in LA with the names of all of the wireless networks publicly accessible there when wardriving. There were a bunch that had names akin to the default "Linksys" or "Netgear" networks you get on an unconfigured router, and then there were ones that were clearly people who knew they were being watched with names like "f*ckyougetyourownshit", names he was apparently very careful to censor.

Except for "Lesbian Dildo Vagina Party".

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