Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Linky linky dumpy dumpy: FEATURING The Legend of Zelda, Bi-monthly Man vs. Clown! link dump, and "Apache" by the Sugarhill Gang

I've been playing The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time almost non-stop for four days now, on account of it's so good. The fact that it's almost consensus the greatest video game of all time is astonishing on its own, and that's why I had to check it out, eight years after the fact -- I've never known any gamers that agreed on anything. Everything about the game is beautiful. The puzzles are really engaging, the attention to detail is almost superhuman, and it hasn't been that hard to get my head around the 3D perspective. I truly believe it when they say it's the greatest video game of all time.

So it almost breaks my heart to see this:

According to the Wikipedia article, this game was made by Philips for the failed CD-i game console as part of a botched deal Nintendo made with them. Compare Ocarina of Time's astonishingly well-tuned physics and combat with this memorable boss battle:

Man. That's fucking rough.

The main reason I thought to share this was because of this, found on Man vs. Clown!:

Look at that poor woman. She speaks with the voice of experience! Fortunately, Steve tells me there is a good amount of pre-existing literature on the subject.

Finally, for good measure, courtesy of, here's Will and Carlton dancing to "Apache".

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Peter Lynn said...

Well done! Thanks for clearing up the centipede/vagina mystery.

Graham said...

You dare bring light to my lair?!