Friday, May 26, 2006

How I became notorious (Random quotes from my past, provided with some context)

Prof. Greg Martin, instructor of Math 432B: Any questions? Any last questions?

class: ...

me: Are you my father?

Two months later

Prof. Greg Martin, instructor of Math 331: I'm always afraid to ask if you have any questions.

me: ...

Ten minutes later...

me: Oh, right.

Six months later

Chris: All of the grad students are always saying, "Man, we should take more classes with Richard!

And that's how I won the respect of the graduate students in the math department.

Current Music: Sloan - Don't you Believe a Word


regan said...

rofl, that's awesome :) i don't know how you scored introverted on that personality quiz thing below.

Dickolas Wang said...

Living in the US has taught me not to expose my fleshy, weak underbelly to others.