Friday, April 14, 2006

With the convenience fee, I paid $22.50 for that

I also drove, so I didn't get tanked on $7 beers. I decided instead to get a $4.25 jumbo hot dog and $5.25 nachos with that processed cheese goop stuff. In retrospect, I feel that it was just as fitting a metaphor for the Canucks' season.

Anyway, we lost, Edmonton won, the season is a bust. We didn't just lose, we went down like bitches. Perhaps I will bitch more later (because who doesn't want to hear about hockey from someone who can barely skate?) when I'm more coherent and not stuffed full of In-N-Out.


dinning said...

You had a hot dog, nachos, and a trip to In-N-Out all in one night?

Goddamn I respect that.

GOC said...

Fitting indeed... leading throughout... struggling to keep it... then crapping out at the end and losing the play off spot to San Jose.