Monday, April 24, 2006

What's Wang This Week

I've been meaning to do a WWTW for a long time now, but then things keep coming up that are time-consuming, urgent, related to my continued studies at Berkeley, and not all that interesting to write about. I think I have found a solution to this; stay tuned. In the meantime, here's a quick update.

After a three-week absence, the folks over at Homestar Runner have done it again. I give you... Thy Dungeonman III! I almost died at the beginning, because I couldn't find a way to convey "wedge the bone in between the walls like Luke did in the first Star Wars movie in a futile attempt to stop the garbage mashers".

I bought a digital camera on Saturday night off Amazon. I had my decision down between the 4 megapixel Canon Powershot A430 and the 5 megapixel Canon Powershot A530 for only $50 more. I then a) read somewhere that 5 megapixels is too much for normal snapshots, and not enough for more detailed prints, b) realized that $50 on a $150 purchase is, like, 33% of the price. So, in the end, I Did What Jowen Would and bought the cheaper.

I then took the money I saved and applied it to a purchase of a NEON GENESIS EVANGELION: PLATINUM CUT DVD COLLECTION!!! W00T Better yet, it was on sale for half price. I really Did What Jowen Would all over the place.

Why do I keep buying pork rinds?

On a happier food note, I've decided that instant oatmeal is for sissies and I've moved on to buying proper, large, rolled oats and cooking them in the microwave. Difficulty: they keep boiling over the side when I cook them. I've since devised a solution, though: first put in 2/3 of the liquid, then microwave for half the time, then add the rest, and finish microwaving. It's science!

Some of my friends (aided by Brad's endorsement) have become interested in Sloan after my really long post about them that no one actually finished. I spread the good word.

Current Music: Sloan - Penpals

EDIT (12:48PM April 24, 2006): I forgot to mention that I've also switched to brown rice, once again Doing What Jowen Would.


franiwack said...

I have solved the problem of overflowing oatmeal:

use a bigger bowl =)

Dickolas Wang said...

I'm already using my largest bowl. I don't think you grasp fully how much oatmeal I eat in one sitting.

Jowen said...

It's not always about buying the cheaper item, sometimes you have to go for the better value or buy only what you're going to use. Anyways, you made the right choice.

GOC said...

hope your jowen shadowing doesn't get too "single white female"

Dickolas Wang said...

Or too "organized religion".

In its defence, brown rice is so much better than white rice.

Peter Lynn said...

You did make the right choice. Instant oatmeal is full of sugar. With rolled oats, you can use artificial sweetener if you like. I throw in a sweetener and a dash of oatmeal, then add hot water from the coffee machine.

Dickolas Wang said...

Good call on the artificial sweeteners -- or, in my case, different sweeteners, in fruit, dried fruit, bee byproduct, tree extract, or brown form.

Stevie K said...

Artificial sweetener will probably kill you a lot faster than sugar.

Dickolas Wang said...

I'm pretty sure that's not true. At all.

GOC said...

aspartame is readily metabolized to methanol in your body. Methanol isn't good for you. You can use splenda, but that's sucralose... what the fuck is sucralose?

I'd go with sugar. You have to show diabetes who's boss.