Tuesday, March 21, 2006

This one's for you, Jimothy

I went to In-N-Out and ordered a Flying Dutchman for you, Jimbo.

(click to enlarge all of the pictures)

(I ate it.)

While we were there, Adam asked for something "inside", something from the secret menu. I pulled out all the stops:

Clockwise from top in the tray: a 4x4 Animal Style whole grilled, a Grilled Cheese Animal Style, Fries well Animal Style, regular fries. I also got him a Neapolitan shake, which may or may not be the drink in the picture.

I like this picture because it makes me look taller than Adam.

Thanks to my excellent photographer Frances. Fun fact: Frances took my profile picture.

Current Music: Wilco - Candy Floss


dinning said...

Those are good burgers, Walter.

Graham said...

Shut the fuck up, Dinning.

Dickolas Wang said...


The Fed Ex of Funk said...

Your Flying Dutchman looks like Soylent Green, only yellow.

G said...

Soylent green is PEOPLE!!


I hope to get a taste of In-N-Out Burger when I get there :)

Or should I?

Dickolas Wang said...

Yes. Very yes.