Thursday, March 16, 2006

In which I come off as particularly creepy and half-witted

Today, after I wake up, will be the day of March 16. This is the day that a box of milk I bought a couple of weeks ago expires, and the day that a book I signed out from the library is due to be returned.

It is also the 24th birthday of the first girl I ever asked out. Not coincidentally, it's also the 24th birthday of the first girl who ever shot me down. I remember this despite it being over nine years since I last had any friendly contact with her. I also remember her sign, and I remember it without having to take her birthday and look at a zodiac. I remember her middle name. I remember her home phone number, having used it exactly one time in my life nine years ago and never again. I remember her father's name, her late mother's name, and her brother's name. I remember the places she wanted to travel, the music she liked, and the fact that her father owned a bass guitar.

I remember that she did the polar bear swim, I remember that she wore sweatpants to class because she had PE immediately afterwards, I remember her blue zippered hoodie. I remember her remarkably straight teeth, which I also remember were not a product of good genes but of good dental work. I remember the time I was having a miserable day and she let me cut in front of her in line at the caf. I remember noticing her in traffic in the rearview mirror two years later. I remember being sickeningly, embarrasingly preoccupied with her every time I caught a glimpse of her in public. I remember the six or seven words she said to me that one time I saw her at a party four years ago.

I vaguely remember what she looked like, although not perfectly. I guess she looks a tiny bit like one of the lead singers of Eisley, a Christian band whose music I don't really care for but whom I can't stop listening to because their voices are rather lovely. Also, they're a family band but their family name is not Eisley. Moreover, the "Eisley" they draw their name from is Mos Eisley. In particular, the singer I'm talking about plays guitar and has a stage persona similar to what I'd hope my own stage persona might be, which is hot but weird. Also, I think she plays a cool slide guitar lick at the beginning of one of the songs on their videos page, and when I heard it I immediately decided that a girl like that -- one who has that voice, that stage persona, dresses in modest denim, is in a band named after a fictional city from the canonical Star Wars universe, and plays slide guitar but is two generations younger than Bonnie Raitt -- is probably my dream girl (modulo the Christian part). I'll probably remember that for at least a few years.

Meanwhile, I almost forget my sister's birthday every year. I definitely forget my mother's, and I've forgotten Thomas' at least twice now, even though Thomas has bailed me out of many a situation and I owe him very very much. When I was with Leah, I forgot her birthday, several minor anniversaries, and Valentine's day. If that milk weren't already gone, I'd probably forget to drink it today before it passed its best before date. I'll also probably forget to return that library book tomorrow. And I just ate some pork rinds and seaweed salad I bought a few days ago at 99 Ranch, both of which were awful. I'll probably forget how bad they were, and buy them again next time I'm there.

Draw your own conclusions about me.

Current Music: Eisley - Golly Sandra


dinning said...

I, for one, am not a fan of this blog's rapid descent into a Good Charlotte fan page.

Dickolas Wang said...

That is bad. I was just going for "alarming to my peers".

Jowen said...

Bring back WWTW, Random Quotes Provided Without Context, and other Dickolas Wang classics.

Do you need a hug?

M Rexin said...

What I just remembered is that I somehow played a part in all of this. Thanks for reminding me of things that I thought had been permanently ejected from my consciousness.

Thanks for Nick Grylls' birthday too.

M Rexin said...
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Thomas Nguyen said...

Hey dude,

I'll always be there to bail you out. Unless you're guilty, then I'll have to resort to breaking you out...Either way, happy Saint Patricks Day! Hope you get smashed!

Dickolas Wang said...

If I weren't sick, I might have raised a glass to your honour, Thomas.