Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I have come to a certain inner peace

There comes a time when a man must face facts.

He must look himself in the mirror and understand that all of the money spent on hockey sticks, fancy cars, and karate lessons was wasted. That he has not grown to become the macho type that society values. That his parents are just going to have to deal with who he is, because he's not going to change, nor was he ever suited to what they hoped he might strive for. When this time comes, he may as well take all of toys he never learned to play with and the clothes that never looked right on him and auction them off at a below-market value on eBay. He'll need the money.

Because there also comes a time when a man realizes that he needs a bottle of vanilla extract on his shelf and at least two cookie sheets: one grey aluminum, the other heavier black steel. A time when he will curse himself for not having a shortening cutter and a rolling pin. When he must dig out the measuring spoons that he got in a starter kit from Ikea. When he asks his friends if yogurt can be substituted for sour cream in baking.

For me, that time has arrived.

Current Music: Young and Sexy - Trespass On A Thought
Current shopping list:
vanilla extract
sour cream
chocolate chips
cake pan
cookie sheet


BKF said...

That's good. To will to be what one is not, that way lies despair.

P.S. You are not your Swedish furniture.

P.P.S. Uhh, nevermind.

G said...

Who needs measuring spoons?!? I never use them. Partly because I've never had any, and partly because I think they're just one more thing I don't want to wash when cooking/baking.