Thursday, February 02, 2006

How rude

A couple of weeks ago I learned that the US government is demanding search results from major search engines, which is a little frightening. A week after that, I discovered that the researcher asking for results from Google is none other than Berkeley Statistics' own Philip Stark.

When I first heard this news, the first thing I thought was, "At last, my love of Jodie Sweetin will finally become public knowledge." I was a little worried by this thought (well not by exactly this thought per se, but by similar ones), but then I realized that I'm not ashamed. I want the world to know that I love Jodie Sweetin. In fact, it can't happen soon enough, especially with her going public with her struggle against meth addiction. She needs to know that people out there love her still, and I wish my voice to be among the chorus.

Dave then pointed out that since it's Stark doing the report, it may well be his graduate student who ends up making it public. And guess who that graduate student is?

None other than one Bradley Luen, who you may remember from the story about the fish in my desk, or maybe from this video. Now, Brad's obviously done me wrong in the past, and that's not even counting how he owed me $180 for four months. But with his noble work, he just might contribute to making sweet sweet Jodie happier, and I can think of nothing nicer that he could possibly do for me.

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GOC said...

There was something about that meth scandal on ET canada. I didn't watch.

Agent Banana said...

Ryan Adams got really mad once when someone asked him to perform "Summer of '69."