Saturday, February 25, 2006

Blast from the past

What's old is new again something something something.

Current Music: XTC - Helicopter

P.S. Can someone hook me up with a scanned picture of the 2000 Riverside grad class making that hand symbol?


Edward said...

what's up with this rockafella / larry johnson touchdown emulation?

Peter Lynn said...

Isn't that the Diamond Cutter? It makes sense with the sign in the background that reads "BANG".

Stevie K said...

It is the Diamond Cutter, but Richard doesn't actually know that.

Dickolas Wang said...

I have no idea who rockafella is, and the only Larry Johnson I know of was a small forward for the Knicks. As for the Diamond Cutter, Steve is right, I have no idea.

Perhaps this would be a good time to break my cardinal rule and provide some context:

In high school, long before I was Dickolas Wang, a friend of mine said that I should name my first son Bang, because then his name would be Bang Liang. This reached other friends who were wrestling fans, hence the hand thing.

Word got around, aided by the time I called myself "Bang" in a speech, by my friends putting my name as Richard "The Big Bang" Liang in the school newspaper, and by a girl whom I didn't care for inexplicably becoming my champion and spreading the word to many many people who would otherwise have given me wedgies.

Six years after graduation, I'd say about 80% of the people who I run into from my grad class still call me Bang.

dinning said...

Why would Thai food be Halal?

The CIA World Factbook tells me that only about 4% of Thailand's population is Muslim

Dickolas Wang said...

I guess San Francisco's Muslim population is high enough to warrant it.

Edward said...

Geez people

Roc-a-fella (woops misspelled it the first time) is the label founded Jay-Z and Dame dash. Wtf. Don't people remember Kayne's "Diamonds From Sierra Leone". He wasn't talking about real diamonds y'know.

The diamond cutter (done by diamond dallas page) is done with open fingers (

The roc-a-fella / larry johnson diamond is done with closed fingers (
I can't find a pic of larry johnson, but if you want any Kanas City chief games, you'd know this stuff.

Dickolas Wang said...

Gee, Ed, I'm real sorry?

Edward said...

damn straight.

The Fed Ex of Funk said...

Not to come late to the party, but Larry Johnson, star player for the Hornets, and later a nobody for the Knicks, wouldn't be caught dead making the Diamond Cutter with his hands because it would take away from making The Big L with both his entire arms. That 4 point play against the Pacers was the most outrageous continuation call of all time. But I'll never forget the interview he gave moments later: "Much praise. Much praise to Allah. Much praise to Allah. Much praise to Allah for that shot. Much praise to Allah." I think he even topped it off by making The Big L again. I guess he thought this response sufficiently answered the reporter's question, whatever it was, and he ran off the floor to celebrate. For all I know, he probably ended up at that Halal Thai restaurant afterwards.