Thursday, February 23, 2006

What's Wang This Week: my cup runneth over

Last week I decided to take matters into my own hands and try some true independent learning for a change. I borrowed a classic text in complex analysis from a friend and I've been reading up, learning the lingo, brushing up on things I've seen a million times without ever actually being properly taught. Even before that, I started skimming some papers looking for a project. Slightly unfocused, sure, but it was an interesting change.

Then I talked to my prof about him taking me on as his student. In the course of one day, he's lent me a book, shown me another one online, recommended chapters out of a third, and suggested that I attend a two-week summer school in Cornell. I've gone from slightly unfocused to overwhelmed in record time. This is nuts. But in a good way.

In other news, my prof suggested that I attend a two-week summer school in Cornell. I wonder if there's a feasible mode of transportation to get from Cornell to New York City for a weekend. I haven't sorted out details about the rest of my summer, but I'm hoping to take a few weeks off after the summer school and go home (but not before making a pit stop in Toronto. Mak has kindly extended his welcome to me, while Jim... has not).

So that's where I'm at on the academic front. On the blog front, Steve yesterday informed me that both his and my PageRank are now a very impressive 3/10. (In comparison, your PageRank is probably 0/10.) Suck it, Nicholas Wang.

On the Dickolas Wang front, someone left a comment on and none of us recognized the name "mc". In trying to track this person down, I had this conversation with Steve and his friend the other day:

stevekwan.comFunk Mastah MC, RichformRichard, meet MC
stevekwan.comFunk Mastah MC, RichformMC, were you posting on Richard’s blog?
RichformFunk Mastah MC, stevekwan.comhello MC
Funk Mastah, RichformOHH a pen tablet, no i didn't buy one yet
Funk Mastah, Richformhi
Funk Mastah, RichformWHAT?
RichformFunk Mastah MC, stevekwan.comhe means "commenting"
stevekwan.comFunk Mastah MC, RichformSomeone named MC was posting on his blog
stevekwan.comFunk Mastah MC, RichformAnd he wants to know because he’s desperate to make friends
stevekwan.comFunk Mastah MC, RichformSad, really
Funk Mastah, Richform>_< i just said hello to am i supposed to know where to find his blog

A little later...

RichformFunk Mastah MC, stevekwan.comso tell me about yourself, Mirna
Funk Mastah, RichformOH is this dickalos wang!?
stevekwan.comFunk Mastah MC, RichformMirna has never seen Star Wars!
stevekwan.comFunk Mastah MC, RichformYes, this is THE Dickolas Wang
RichformFunk Mastah MC, stevekwan.comThe Internet's Foremost
Funk Mastah, Richformawesome! pleased to meet you (kinda)
RichformFunk Mastah MC, stevekwan.come-meet
RichformFunk Mastah MC, stevekwan.comand you
stevekwan.comFunk Mastah MC, RichformAre you really pleased to meet a guy who calls himself Dickolas Wang?
Funk Mastah, Richformi'm a big fan
RichformFunk Mastah MC, stevekwan.comOh really?
RichformFunk Mastah MC, stevekwan.comSo are you "mc"?
Funk Mastah, RichformYES
stevekwan.comFunk Mastah MC, RichformI told you!

But best of all:

RichformFunk Mastah MC, stevekwan.comSee, I was considering saying earlier that "You may know me as Dickolas Wang" when you said "I've just met you"
RichformFunk Mastah MC, stevekwan.combut I decided against it, on account of it being a really cocky thing to say
Funk Mastah, Richformactually, that would have been the best intro ever


To celebrate my recent online success, I've decided to dedicate an e-mail address just for website feedback. Don't know me and want to bitch but don't want to leave a comment? Don't know me and want to praise me but don't want to leave a comment? Want to sell me things? Direct thy browsers to my profile page, where you will find an e-mail address that I will probably forget to check more than once a month.

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Cameron said...

This is completley unrelated, but is it just me, or are the recent For Better Or For Worse comics getting kinda creepy. I can't really explain it, but this "Paul" guy is giving me very bad vibes...

Cameron said...

I dunno what the hell happened that link, but here is how it ends:


Cameron said...

Oh, I guess the link is only screwed up on the "Leave your comment" page. On the other page it's fine. Yes. Yes indeed.