Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Well happy Valentine's to me

I was awoken by the tech guy at The Scholar's Workstation (think the UBC bookstore's computer department) examining my laptop. He didn't understand my problem, and informed me that it's all probably because of a defective battery. I explained to him why I figured it probably wasn't, and he explained why he figured it probably was. Then he told me that if I wanted, I could have it sent to Apple, but if they didn't find the problem, then The Scholar's Workstation would charge me the $45 inspection fee for finding nothing wrong. I then asked him, "But you're going to charge me the $45 anyway if you don't find anything and don't send it to Apple, aren't you?" His reply? "Um, well, yes." It turned out he hadn't even run the diagnostic before calling me.

Just an hour or so ago, my father opened a letter from the Canada Revenue Agency for me. A few months ago, I had to assemble as many receipts as I could find to claim as "moving expenses", and fax them all to some place in Surrey. This letter was to inform me that after all that, they have found that I owe $850 more in taxes for 2004. I am not certain, but I think that part of the problem is that my father filed my taxes for me and listed me as a Canadian resident. He doesn't seem to understand that no, I am not a Canadian resident. EDIT (Feb. 15/06): Strike that, I'm just an idiot. Sorry, Dad.

I never heard back from the repair guy, which I'm taking as a sign that he ran the diagnostic, found the problem I was talking about that was not a defective battery, and sent my laptop to Apple with his tail between his legs. Or, it was the battery and he sent it there to shut me up and in two days I'll receive my un-repaired laptop together with a letter from Apple saying they're glad they were able to solve my problem. I guess tomorrow morning I'll call The Scholar's Workstation right after I call the Canada Revenue Agency.

Oh, and I'm still single.

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