Sunday, January 29, 2006

What's Wang This Week

I got a cell phone yesterday. I was going to get one on Friday night, but I went into a store called Berkeley Cellular or something and asked for a prepay phone, and the guy wouldn't let down trying to get me to sign a contract, so I can get a phone for free. I then told him that there was a pretty cheap phone on the T-Mobile website, and he looks on the website and he says, "No, I don't see it here." Then I leaned around and looked at the monitor, and there it is, right in the middle of the column: he says, "Oh, you mean this one." Yes, I meant that one. "Yeah, but this phone... sucks. It's way too basic." Great, thanks. In order to extract myself from the situation, I asked him for a pamphlet and left. I didn't go back there yesterday. In the words of Stewie Griffin, you came on a little strong, there, buddy.

In other news, I got a cell phone yesterday, and if you want the number let me know. However, don't call it, because it's a prepay phone.

My car key vanished and I have no idea how. I got up to my car door a couple of days ago, and went to open the door, but the key was gone. None of my other keys were missing. Okay, so I guess it broke off, but the strangest part is that the key was connected to my keychain via its own tiny keyring. But the keyring is still there, completely undamaged.

I have three theories:

  1. it broke off;

  2. the mice under the floor of the house have found a way through the walls and gnawed through it in the evening while I didn't notice; or

  3. the world's biggest asshole thief happens to live in the area and/or go to Berkeley, reached into my pocket without me noticing, removed the car key from my keychain in the most difficult way possible leaving the tiny keyring, then slipped the keychain back into my pocket without me noticing.

If my car is missing tomorrow with only a piece of paper that says "LOL pwnes j00" sitting in its place, I'll know what happened. Maybe I should get a Club.

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