Tuesday, January 03, 2006

2005, recounted in the form of the most memorable meals of the year

7) The Burnaby Hilton with my parents and sister, July (?)
Non-stop... everything. Well worth $25 (but maybe not $35, I'm very sorry)

6) Memphis Blues with Monika, Victor, Thomas, Will, Regan, Cecile, Jowen, Derek, Jeremy, Ed, Galen, December
The Priscilla Platter isn't as impressive in person as it is on paper, but still.

5) Bear's Lair with Dave, Frances, Brad, Sebastien, April (?)
Dave and I shared twelve fucking awful White Castle burgers. And they were cheeseburgers, so Dave had to go un-kosher for them. Fuck, that was awful.

4) In-N-Out Burger with Dave, Frances, Kasper, October (?)
Kasper was blown away by the size of American pop. Also, I got my burger with the onion whole for the first time.

3) Deluxe Moderne Burger with Cecile, January

2) The Keg with Billy, Catherine, Balin, Thomas, Regan, Galen, Cecile, Jeremy, Joyce, Victor, Derek, Maryam, Adam, Steve, Graham, Jowen, Ian, Caity, Dave, Eric (and I may have forgotten some people -- please remind me), July
The steaks were uniformly overdone. On the plus side, many many people were there.

1) Memphis Blues with the LUGs, January
Four people and the Elvis Platter... now that's a meal. A real meal should leave you in pain.

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