Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Post-election day special! Featuring: Random quotes from my past, provided without context #33; bi-weekly Man vs. Clown! link-dump; WWTW

Random quotes from my past, provided without context #33

I'd rather be discriminated against based on the colour of my skin, and save $50.

-- Derek Tsang

I couldn't have said it any better myself

I have always been a little ashamed of being the least politically aware of my friends. I vote much like I live; very routinely. I don't think I've ever not voted NDP, be it provincially or federally. Beyond just that, I tend to also know very little about the candidates: until yesterday, I knew nothing about the Gomery commission, and I still know remarkably little. I voted for the NDP candidate in my riding without knowing anything beyond the fact that a) she is an NDP candidate, b) she looks like a dude (thanks Victor). I have an idea of where the parties stand with respect to social issues -- well, that's a lie, all I know is that the Conservatives aren't progressive.

Then again, I do still have my opinions on the uninformed electorate, and I don't want to be one of them. For example, I was poking around James Moore's website yesterday, and I came across this on his blog:

When someone says "I'm voting for Harper because the Liberals are brutal. I mean Gordon Campbell is destroying B.C." Is it okay to go ahead and thank them for their support?

I couldn't have said it better myself. (Hey, that's the title of the post!) At least I'm not that dude/chick.

My disappointment at the new Conservative government is thus tempered by the knowledge that I have no idea what I would have done were I truly and deeply informed. Everyone seems to know about it, though, even here; at least three people asked me about the process, and I explained as best I could from my memory of Socials 7/8/9/10/11. One thing I do know, though, is that I miss the old PC party. I might have one day voted PC in good conscience. They were, you know, progressive. Now, instead, when that day comes maybe I just won't vote. (I almost didn't this time, of which I'm embarrassed. In my defence, I wasn't sure what I would have to do to procure an absentee ballot, which combined with my end-of-holidays laziness to almost keep me from voting.)

But I did, and I hope that I always will. Why? Not only because I understand my role as a vital cog in the democratic process, but also because there are perks to voting, and also to voting NDP. Peter Lynn over at Man vs. Clown! has this to say on the topic:

If you're Canadian and eligible to vote, make sure you get out to the polls today and vote. If not out of any sort of civic duty, then do so simply because it purchases you the right to bitch about the results. I say this as an NDP voter, of course. No matter what happens, I'll be saying, "Don't blame me! I voted for Layton."

(Also, as he explains in the comments, he enjoys the added perk that when someone inevitably tries to explain the electoral process to him and how he didn't vote for Layton, but for an NDP MP candidate, he can fire back that he lives in Toronto-Danforth, and don't you have egg on your face.) I couldn't have said it better myself. (Hey, I did it again!)

What's Wang This Week

How much did you pay for your Canucks tickets?

I paid $17.

One time last year, I went to a residence hall for dinner and took advantage by eating 6 separate desserts (after eating two main courses). The fact that I wasn't seriously fucked up for the rest of the night was a warning sign to me that I had better clean up my act. I think it was the low point I needed to shake me up. I think I may have hit another such low, as yesterday, inspired by Alton Brown's episode on fried chicken, I bought 10 pieces of fried chicken (for $6.99! Could you honestly say no to such a deal?), ate four, and put the rest of it into the fridge. Why? I wanted to see if fried chicken was good cold. Today I had two more pieces for lunch, and two more pieces for dinner. I feel like the biggest, most disgusting slob in the world.

On the bright side, Church's chicken is pretty good cold.

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Edward said...

"I'm voting for Harper because the Liberals are brutal. I mean Gordon Campbell is destroying B.C."

Cripes. The BC Liberal party is seperate from the federal liberal party. even i know that.

and aren't the bc liberals more like the conservatives than the federal liberals?

Agent Banana said...

I think this is the closest to a political post I've seen Wang write! *gasp*

Would that NDP candidate happen to be Libby Davies?

Divyesh said...

Dunno if it is any different from up here but I went to Churchs once. Most greasy, disgusting fried chicken I've seen.

Dickolas Wang said...

Ed: From my understanding, yes. Or at least they're more like the old PC party.

Mak: No, it was Mary-Woo Sims.

Divyesh: One more comment like that, and you are dead to me.

Dunning said...

Im going to have to disagree Div. Their Chicken is pretty good. At least in comparison to KFC. I wouldnt eat at that grease bucket.

GOC said...

I think the hierarchy of chicken is as follows:

Popeyes > Churches > KFC.

Fried Chicken is awesome. Alton Brown is awesome. It's only natural for you to want fried chicken when you see it on good eats.

Dickolas Wang said...

I'm not so sure anymore about the Popeye's > Church's inequality anymore. The local Popeye's' chicken is a sad excuse for fried chicken. It tastes great, but they seem to be using Cornish game hens or something, because the pieces are way too small. Plus there's something to be said for fresh-out-of-the-fat Church's when you're not feeling like spicy.