Friday, October 28, 2005

He didn't steal my bandmate

Dunning and I have been discussing for the last hour or so good band names for his new band. I, like the rest of you, am eager to hear their new material, particularly because I'm eager to see what Graham's post-Asbestos Concern work will be like. But before these songs can be distributed, and before Dunning is ta [sic] sex! merchandise can be created, the dynamic duo -- the terrible twosome, if you will -- have to decide on a band name.

We brainstormed. Dunning began with a TV episode theme, with names drawn from Buffy and Angel such as "Once More With Feeling". Actually, that doesn't really look right... Once More With Feeling. I, preferring something more obscure, suggested The 1989 Edmonton Oilers. Combining the TV, obscurity, and hockey ideas, I suggested Dave Hodge-era HNIC, followed by just Dave Hodge.

Feeling that something more indie, emo, and intense was required, I suggested The Lehrer Report, which isn't actually the name of Jim Lehrer's show but I was watching the Colbert Report at the time and it struck me as a pretty cool news/politics/intrigue-based name, á la Interpol. This begat the far more obscure and highly regional The John Report with Bob. (Dunning would be John.) Since I'm always reading a blog and if I'm talking to Dunning I'm thinking of dunning, dinning, and donning, I suggested Sometimes Y. Since we were both obviously on the internet, we also thought of some dirty ones.

Of course, none of this is a real decision, as Graham should probably have some say in the matter, but some of these ideas stood out, and Dunning has created a shortlist of these. So, because Dunning can't be bothered to put it up himself, I ask you, dear readers: please, help a brother out and vote for your favourite of the following (or suggest new ones)...

Potential Mike Dunning Band Names

  • The Mike Dunning Experiensss
  • Durnk
  • Once More With Feeling
  • Topanga
  • Behind the Mask
  • Hot Stove
  • Smile Time
  • Durnk (EDIT 4:57PM Oct. 31, 2005: Wow, I'm an idiot)

Current Music: George Harrison - I've Got My Mind Set On You


Dunning said...

I'm still leaning towards Topanga or Behind the Mask. Though obviously my vote doesnt count.

Graham said...

-Lemma One
-Ecto 4
-Bjorn Ded
-Hakan Loob
-Genghis K and the Rockin' Mongol Hordes
-Ludwig Van
-Rootin' Tootin' Tooters
-The Oneders
-Malaysia, We Got A Curling Team

Graham said...

Of the options on the list, I guess I'd have to go with Topanga, but I strongly urge you to consider The 1989 Edmonton Oilers. Richard's right.. we've got to use that somewhere.

Graham said...

Oh, and even though I'm stealing it from "Mr. Show", Three Times One Minus One would be (and sort of is) a great name for a band.

Dickolas Wang said...

I am now officially throwing my support behind "Bjorn Ded". It works on so many levels.

The Fed Ex of Funk said...

Uh, what about "The Richard Stabone Delayed Reaction"?

M Rexin said...

-The Karl Von klausewitz connection
-Ernie Horst and the magnificent shine
-1836 Greyhorn street
-the bug eyed Bob conglomerate (Dunning, you know who I mean)
-Chester Nimitz's variety showcase
I am also eager to contribute by randomly sending in brief soundclips to be spliced together and put as a song

chibijoyce said...


Graham said...

Here's a couple of names from the past that Mike and Vikram have just reminded me of:

-Axis of Awesome
-Butch Hardass and the Pussy Lords

Dunning said...

I like that Axis of Awesome. But isnt already used by someone else?

Dickolas Wang said...

BH&tPL was the first one I thought of too.

Aquaman said...


Dickolas Wang said...

That is the most stupidly well-placed spam comment ever.

On a side note, they've learned how read the word verification using computers. We are doomed.