Monday, November 20, 2006

Friday Friday Friday

This weekend is the weekend of November 23, and you know what that means:

It's time for the Great Tofurkey Binge of '06!

Gather your friends and loved ones around the soy and seitan and dig in. I'll be having my Binge on Friday; by all means have yours any of Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. My plan is to both build a tofurkey as well as cook a Tofurky. Mmm mmm, protein.

Someone today was incredulous today that I would have it on Friday and not Thursday, because Americans apparently are pretty firm on eating their Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday. I did think about it, and almost changed the date, but then I realized: this isn't Thanksgiving, dammit, this is the Great Tofurkey Binge of '06.

(Also, this allows any Americans out there to celebrate both!)

If anyone would like to participate in this exciting new tradition, please do take some pictures of your tofurkey and send them to me. Anyone? Anyone?

The Great Tofurkey Binge of '06: It's soy good!

Current Music: Tom Waits - Rain Dogs


thea said...

I'm guessing that tofurkey is not nearly as fun to run over with a car as a real turkey is.

Dickolas Wang said...

Only one way to find out!