Thursday, November 16, 2006

Dag, America

I got a summons for jury duty today. My original thought was, "What, don't they keep track of who's a citizen and who isn't?" My second thought was "Oh shit, does that not matter?" My third thought was "Oh fuck, I'm supposed to fly home soon after this summons, can I get out of it on account of travel plans?" Then I read the form and found out that my first thought was the most relevant: I'm "not qualified" on account of not being a citizen of the US. Oh Canada!

(Note to self: commit a felony so that I don't have to do jury duty in Canada either. Maybe something noble so that I can help the needy or something, while also having an interesting story to tell women so as to appear dangerous. Alternative: be elected to public office and be found guilty of malfeasance.)

While that was irksome, what really gets me about it is that now I have to fill out a short form and mail it back to the court, and the reply envelope they provided isn't even postage paid. I have to tell them I can't do it, and I have to pay to do it. And that's just gauche. Dag, America.

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