Friday, November 11, 2005

What's Wang This Week

Since Jowen demands it, and it's only logical that what's good for Jowen is good for everyone, perhaps it's time for a WWTW.

Unfortunately, since the thing I spend the most time on these days is work, and work is teaching, and I can't talk about teaching to people who are not my boss and not my students, that eliminates a good 40-60% of my potential subject matter. This is why I have not kept the internet well-apprised of What's Wang This Week.

Speaking of work, I've got a decision to make. I had been planning to stay on as the teaching assistant/grader of the continuation of the course I'm working on right now, the core graduate probability course in the stat department. I'm the first volunteer for the position, so I'm told. However, yesterday a professor who I spoke to on Wednesday about potential research projects offered me another TA-ship. This job is most notable for being, technically, the TA position for a class I am taking. That's right: I'd be my own TA. Moreover, it may require me to mark assignments for another class, which I have not taken nor plan to take next semester. I'm a little torn; working the core probability course has been great and through reviewing all the material again I've learned a lot, but this other job is with a professor who might well end up being my advisor, and it's less work. Above and beyond all that, for the sake of the awesomeness of the story, I suppose that I should take the job that would let me be my own TA.

I saw a Macy's ad for a Veteran's Day Sale yesterday. How is that a sale-worthy occasion?

I'm considering joining UC Jazz next semester. I figure if I practice enough over the holidays, I'll have Beginning Improv written all over me -- or even, cross my fingers, Intermediate Combo I, II, or even possibly III. Ordinarily I think a lot about these things and don't end up doing them, but this time I'm writing it on here so that other people will remind me of it and encourage me (or, I guess, discourage). I guess I'll work on my "The Girl From Ipanema" and "Misty". Any other requests?

They say in order to become a good writer, you have to write often. Well, that's ringing pretty true right now, so I better sign off now before I say something really incoherent. It's a vicious cycle. Before I do, though, I'd like to announce another addition to the pantheon of Dickolas Wang photos, a tribute to the photo. See it here.


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chibijoyce said...

lol they just had to put in "reenacting a pic from last year" didn't they? lol

Jowen said...

Thank you for the WWTW.

Yes, you should be your own TA.

The Fed Ex of Funk said...

You can think of me as a jazz philanthropist. As in, if you donate your time to this cause, I'll match the donation.

dinning said...

It's Chunks!

franiwack said...

yep yep, i be your designated dickolas wang photographer, who else can capture the full essence of all that is dickolas? =P