Sunday, November 27, 2005

Journalistic excellence

Have you ever read the game recaps? They're really embarrassing.

From last night's loss to Phoenix, for example. Under "Numbers":
2 – seconds after the whistle blew to end the second period that coward Denis Gauthier ran Brendan Morrison hard into the boards.

Coward Denis Gauthier. Ouch.

From the game before it:
Next up: kicking the Coyotes.

Which, as we know, did not happen.


GOC said...

Tonight's game was also quite sad. It seems that Vancouver has a weak spot, and Colorado knows just how to ignore it and blast our face in with a shotgun, every time.

Graham said...

While Kevin Kinghorn is undeniably a douche, I assure you that the situation is no better on any of the other teams' websites.

Dickolas Wang said...

Good call. I wonder if the kid from the Devils' Heaven video grew up to write game recaps on the Devils' website.