Saturday, September 10, 2005

What's Wang This Week

Isn't this a bizarre Garfield?

(click to enlarge)

It, quite frankly, is blowing my mind. I don't expect this brand of humour from Garfield; usually I expect this kind of humour coming from comics featuring poorly drawn characters and offensive dialogue. Seeing it come from these plush-toy-worthy drawings' mouths just fucks me right up.

The loonie is worth 85 cents right now. Never let it said George W. Bush doesn't care about Canadians, because he's doing me personally a pretty big favour.

For the third time in my life, I find myself in a position of almost-authority, as the new vice president of the Statistics Graduate Student Association. My first time I didn't do much, and in my second time, I did too much. I think I'm honing in on the right balance, although that's probably totally dependent on the president, since the first time the president did everything without asking for help, and the second time the president... didn't. Third time's a charm, right? Right? Right?

So my idiot friend Vince calls me up the other day and asks if he can come over to use my internet. He gets here (I'm still eating dinner, mind you) and plops down in my chair, and then says, "So I have shingles." What the fuck, why wouldn't you inform me of this before you got here? I know shingles isn't really contagious, and I have (quite memorably) already had the chicken pox, but still, what the fuck? Would you inform me if you had SARS before you came over?

I have now organized all my pictures, which was very cleansing. I feel like I've given my computer a good, thorough e-enema. I've been explaining to people a lot that Dickolas Wang has no good photos. No single good photo of Dickolas Wang exists. Richard Liang might have a few, but he's not telling. Well, now I'm not so sure that Richard Liang even has any good pictures, because my "Dickolas" folder has about 5 pictures (not counting ones that are filed in other places like Events->Math Club->Luncheon or Events->LUGs parties->Mak Visit 2005), and the "Me" folder has... one. And it's not very good.

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BKF said...

So, what is the character of this modern-day schizophrenia? (Or MPD, or whatever.) You went into a coma one day and later miraculously revived, emerging as DW but determined to keep your usual identity as RHL to facilitate your interaction with mortals?

Dickolas Wang said...


Graham said...

Best. Answer. Ever.

My compliments.

Dickolas Wang said...

By the way, Balin, how did you know my middle initial?

Dickolas Wang said...

Oh, I just figured it out. Never mind.

Peter Lynn said...

There are no good pictures of me either. The camera adds 50 pounds to me rather than the standard ten. And I just got passport photos done and I look so much like the archtypical serial killer that it's a dead certainty that no country will allow me across its borders.